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I’ve tried and tried to collect more and more design and architectural blogs, not just for my readers but also for my personal references, so I asked my best friend Google and his brothers, Yahoo and MSN to get me the best design blogs around. I really enjoyed this search as i spent some time on search blog to the level that I forgot that I meant to collect blogs not read them all. So go ahead and enjoy the ride with me on this designer collection, built with creative ideas from architects, designers and webmasters.

1. Apartment Therapy

2. Bldg Blog

3. Cubeme

4. Design Addict

5. Design Buzz

6. Design East

7. Design Observer

8. Design Obsession

9. Design Sponge Online

10. Design Spotter

11. Design to Inspire

12. Design TV

13. DesignBlog

14. Designer Milk

15. Designllama

16. DesignPumpa

17. Dezeen

18. LeBlogDeco

19. Materialicious

20. Mocoloco

21. Notcot

22. The Designer Magazine

23. The konstrukshon Weblog

24. Truc Design

25. Unplggd

26. WebUrbanist

To be Continued also see:

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