The Hills of Hollywood


Shaping the northernmost barrier of the Los Angeles Basin, the houses of the Hollywood Hills have long been representative of everything that forms California real estate shine. Here you are able to find houses that range from rambling cattle ranch houses to impressive modern architectural buildings of stone and glass. It is one of the reasons why folks from all over the world visits The City of LA.

The Hollywood Hills cover some of the most well known streets and neighbourhoods on the west coast. From Mulholland Drive to Paris Hilton and Laurel Canyon, these are the hallmarks of Southern California. Home to the world famous Hollywood sign, these abundant green slopes are constellated with some of L.A's most beautiful houses, as well as its most desirable land. But there's another, less known life in the Hollywood Hills. Hiking trails, parks, and acres of pristine land make this a Mecca for nature lovers and privacy seekers alike.

Nature and the Hollywood Hills:

CA. is base to an impressive array of natural beauty, and the Hollywood Hills are no exclusion. As a matter of fact, the exclusivity of Hollywood Hills' property market has helped keep its natural state throughout expansion and development. Hawks are still abundant throughout the tall trees of The Hills, and it's not uncommon to see deer grazing throughout the foothills. For those that are drawn to the scents and colours of wild flowers, the houses of the Hollywood Hills are surrounded by naturally abundant jasmine and gardenia, as well as deep burgundy bougainvillea, and the brilliant purple jacaranda trees so typical of the area.