Love, Loss and a World Builder

Today I came across a quotation which made me think of what exactly is architecture, Walter Gropius said that "Architecture begins where engineering ends" it made me feel like this 1978 is far from truth, architecture is more than just finishing what others left.

I’m more in favour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s views of architecture: "The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization"

To me, Architecture is about engaging with the surroundings, using the latest techniques. Architecture is all about amending our world with as less intervention as possible. Therefore, architecture will ease our daily anguish.

Wright believed that "Every great architect is -- necessarily -- a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age"

This Video, is a very good example of what i think architecture is all about, a strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves. This is a short by filmmaker Bruce Branit known also as the co-creator of 405.


Killka House Design by Bormida & Yanzon Architects in Tunuyán, Argentina

Bormida & Yanzón Architects' design sits comfortably in the heart of Valle de Uco, Argentina. Killka is located in one of the main wine regions of Mendoza, surrounded by the Andean desert and mountains. It is one of the buildings within the Salentein Winery.This building acts as a gate welcoming all visitors. It consists of a symmetrical square ground plan with a central patio, penetrated by a long axis, which structures the whole set of buildings longitudinally.

The design puts together solid and cyclopean concrete volumes, representing the soil’s sedimentary layers and huge glass planes. These volumes are protected from the sun by broad galleries. They are reminiscent of regional past times yet contemporary in their expression and technology, updating a strongly Andean feature.

This identity is portrayed by a centralized plan which resembles old rural patio houses, enhancing the essence of the open sky and water patio as the symbolic heart of the building. Visitors access Killka through a broad front gallery, which opens into the central patio with a water floor surrounded by art pieces. At the back of the patio, there is a completely glazed hall, with a clear view of the winery.


Who is the best architect alive?

Total: 310 votes
Bing Wing Thom 
[ 3% (9 votes) ]
César Pelli 
[ 1% (3 votes) ]
Frank Gehry 
[ 9% (27 votes) ]
I.M Pei 
[ 5% (17 votes) ]
[ 2% (7 votes) ]
Massimiliano Fuksas 
[ 2% (6 votes) ]
Norman Foster 
[ 11% (34 votes) ]
Rem Koolhaas 
[ 9% (29 votes) ]
Renzo Piano 
[ 8% (26 votes) ]
Richard Rogers 
[ 2% (6 votes) ]
Santiago Calatrava 
[ 13% (41 votes) ]
Steven Holl 
[ 3% (9 votes) ]
Tadao Ando 
[ 13% (40 votes) ]
Zaha Hadid 
[ 18% (56 votes) ]

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