Autodesk announces Ecotect Analysis 2010

Only few months ago i started using Ecotect to analyse energy usage of an old barn i was converting. I was surprised on how easy it was and how come I've never used it before of been told about it for that matter!

Now, Autodesk announces Ecotect Analysis 2010, an even better version of the software with more features making sustainable design the easy option.

ECOTECT is an industry leading building analysis program that allows designers to work easily in 3D and apply all the tools neccesary for an energy efficient and sustainable future.

This is a screenshoot i took for a project:

and this is the new Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2010:

Furthermore, “Customers who add subscription to their Autodesk Ecotect Analysis software license can access the Autodesk Green Building Studio webbased service for the duration of their subscription and use the service to more quickly evaluate multiple design alternatives for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality…”

what do you think? have you used the software before, any comments? 

For more info visit autodesk 


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