Construction Planning: House Plans Part 1

House Plans:

So you want to build a house? Let’s say you do, trust me it is pretty thing to do, or is it? Most important part of this is planning, this is the most important thing ever, not the money not the architect or the timing.

So how do you plan effectively?
Well, you just get a pen and a paper and do a brain storm, write down everything you can think about and organise it as you go, Here some help to organise this, first of all what do you need to build a house?

1. Plants

You need plants and when we say plants we mean the machines and equipments which are used in building not trees and vegetations, without it the construction could not be carried out. Plants are very useful they save you time and energy and there rang from small hand held power tools to large pieces of plant such as mechanical excavators and tower cranes.

Plants are used for the following reasons:

· To increase the production

· To reduce the cost of the construction

· To carry out activities which are hard to be carried out by hand

· To save labour and time

There is many types of plants, which can help you build your dream house bellow, I’ve subdivided plants in to three categories with few examples for each:


· Small tools

· Transforms

· Hoists

· Compressors


· Dumpers


· Dozer

· Back-actor


· Tower cranes

· Piling rigs

· Tunnelling

In any construction project we have to understand that there is a requirement for a suitable type of plant, and we need to plan for it carefully considering the period of time in which we will need that peace of plant, the type of the work that we are carrying out and also the size of the site.

Construction plants are in a considerable number of accidents on sites, resulting in injury, and death sometimes, so be careful when handling it and it you can’t manage it worth to think about hiring a promotional.

There are several hundreds of different items of plant, as small as a concrete scabbler or as large as a tunnelling mole, and they are available for use on construction sites. When making a decision in the plant that we are using we should think carefully because we might lose money, time and resources.

Below I’ve list the most important points which effect the decision of selecting the type of plant:

· Operational requirements

· Digging

· Loading

· Transporting

Mode of movement:

· Caterpillar track

· Tyre

Accessibility of site/ work:

· Access to roads

· Ground bearing

· Working space

Service back-up:

· Maintenance

· Operators

· Parts

In terms of transport for example we have Dumpers and Fork lift trucks. If we take dumps for example we can see that it needs a mature person to drive it physically fit for the purpose.

· If the machine is to be used on the highway (freeway), driver must hold a current driving licence;

· Drivers must be trained and certificated; Drivers should have sufficient knowledge to carry out routine maintenance, and identify defects.

· The machine should be maintained and repaired

· The machine should be secured and cleaned

· The machine should have insurants and road tax if it will be used on the road.

You can see by just talking about the dumpers that there is a long list of important things that we need to consider and that is the case for any type of plant. This is known as plant management.

So house planning or project planning is not as easy as I thought after all and I just covers Plants above, imagine covering the whole project from foundation to roof, labour, materials, design, time planning, quality and cost control.

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