The Ice Hotel

A hotel made entirely of ice, yaah right, an ice hotel located about 200 kilometer (124 mile) north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. Ten thousand years ago, glaciers carved a riverbed and the Torne River was born. Since then, the crystal-clear, pure water of the Torne River has flowed freely along its 600-kilometer path through Lapland out to the sea in the southeast.

The entire Ice Hotel is on loan from the mighty Torne River and is a place where time stands still. When the spring comes and then finally the summer, the entire creation will once again become part of the rushing rapids coursing toward the sea.

Thousands of tons of snow and ice make up this hand-crafted fantasy land. Thousands of guests and voyeurs will experience it every year, before it melts.

This documentary is your chance to see one. Witness the construction and disappearance of this most megastructure.

MegaStructures: Ice Hotel by National Geographic, 2004
Duration 47 minutes

Enjoy this amazing structure

Sweden's no 1 destination: Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi.