Climate Change Has Become Hot Business

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached a record high, according to the latest figures, renewing fears that climate change could begin to slide out of control. Just have a look at this gragh, we really messed up for the last 100 years,

Scientists at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii say that CO2 levels in the atmosphere now stand at 387 parts per million (ppm), up almost 40% since the industrial revolution and the highest for at least the last 650,000 years.

More than $40 trillion will be spent over the next 30 years, as nations adapt to climate change and other environmental concerns. The future will be driven not by technology or innovation but by emotion – by the choices of ordinary men and women and the passion they feel about these things. They are already influencing companies and governments, who are changing at astonishing speed. Just 4 years ago it was hard to find a national leader who was talking about climate change. No it is hard to find one that does not. That’s today. Expect more tomorrow. So how can we,using software and hardware integrators, system analysts and others help turn Green into Gold?

Well, This is what i call "Green Business", a sector which is growing rapidlly. Meaning you can make money and be a hero! you can start to make money and make a difference to our world.
you can start your Green Energy business, Building Green Homes and Businesses or Investing in renewable green energy could get you a healthy returns. A very good book for this is Green Businesses: You Can Start to Make Money and Make A Difference by Glen Croston, its full of amazing tips and i suggest you get it. i also recommend The Business of Climate Change: Corporate Responses to Kyoto by Kathryn Begg.
Corporate Citizen Briefing described the book as a "An indispensable guide for companies eager to find best practice and for policy-makers who want to drive change."

So climate change is not just a threat but also a huge business opportunity for green businesses in developing countries through the sale of certified emission reductions, Green energy and investing in renewable energy projects like:
  1. wind,
  2. small hydro,
  3. solar pv,
  4. solar direct,
  5. landfill gas,
  6. geothermal,
  7. refuse derived fuels
  8. biomass technology
I've found out that researching in the matter will be profitable too so if you are a writer or a researcher try to cover this subject.

For further
information on this subject read The Climate Change Business Opportunities report which has been released with the objective of leading business towards capturing the significant business opportunities that the climate change challenge presents. The intent is that all businesses will respond to this challenge and use the concepts within the report to assist them.

The report describes 32 potential business opportunities that the six participating companies have identified within their operations. These opportunities range from the provision of knowledge and services, to “climate friendly” branding, to investment in emissions reduction projects at home and in developing countries.

The report also provides high-level quantitative analysis on potential opportunities in five areas that public stakeholders and members were particularly interested in. These areas were commercial building energy efficiency, wood waste to energy, the Clean Development Mechanism (a mechanism where, under the Kyoto Protocol, countries can get credit for investing in emissions reduction projects in developing countries), methane reduction through ruminant efficiency and“climate friendly” branding.

Adding to That Download The Business of Climate Change repot by John Llwellyn, which is a very good guide on this subject.