Architecture Association school unveils summer pavilion

Driftwood pavilion

6 July, 2009
By Laura Chan

“Driftwood” structure created from spruce plywood

The Architecture Association’s fourth annual pavilion, “Driftwood”, was unveiled in London’s Bedford Square last week.

AA Students were challenged to create an architectural space through the construction of a sustainable timber pavilion. Sponsored by HOK Architects and based on a concept by third-year student Danecia Sibingo, the wooden structure consists of layers of sustainable spruce plywood.

The pavilion is intended to remind viewers that the UK is an island, surrounded by sea. The concept behind its sinuous form is intended to represent “the motion of the water, carried by waves and coming to rest in busy central London.” Its undulating form evokes an image of a contoured landscape, or a wave frozen in time. The Driftwood team believes it is “neither art nor architecture, science nor ecological adventure, but a sculptural installation and prototype that defies classification.”

Materials were supplied by FinnForest, an ecological Finnish timber company that adheres to minimal material wastage.

Brett Steele, director of the Architectural Association school, said: “The annual summer pavilion competition provides a unique opportunity for students to work together to design, develop and ultimately fabricate a professional standard architectural structure for the public to enjoy.”

Other Driftwood team members include: Lyn Hayek, Yoojin Kim, Taeyoung Lee, Suram Choi, Kyungtae Jung, Jerome Tsui, Feras El Attai, Rama Nshiewat, Camille Steyaert, Hisashi Kato and Ryan Phanphensophon.

Driftwood is on show in Bedford Square until 25 July 2009.


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